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The essence of private tours is not just traveling with a group of people of your choice. A good private tour is tailored to your needs and interests. Our guests have all kinds of backgrounds, interests, and reasons why they traveling in Norway, and what we love to do is to make the tour perfect in a way that suits you best. 

Take a look at this page and feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our private tours

Special Requests

From wanting to see a specific spot to romantic wedding proposals, we have your back and will accommodate to your unique needs.


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There are many stories to share, but some moments stick with you forever. Even as an active bystander, this private tour was special from the beginning.

It started with getting a phone call from the mother-in-law who had spoken to an agent at a travel marketplace. Even though the ideas that were shared sounded good at first glance, some important details were missing.


A few calls later we could get to the key points and make a plan for a wedding proposal.

One of the challenges was going to a place that we know can be crowded at times, so crowded that you might be better off skipping it. However, knowing the location, we were
 able to arrange to have that spot almost completely for ourselves.

We also agreed that it would be a moment to capture so it could be cherished forever. The family had the luxury of having a photographer amongst them. We jumped in by including our drone to capture the moment from the sky.

In all honesty, the result, which you can see below, still makes me a bit emotional.


This route has been getting increasingly popular in both directions for people traveling from Flåm to Bergen and the other way around from Bergen to Flåm.

Of course, it's possible to take the train which will take you from Flåm to the Bergen train station in under 4 hours. However, some people decide to turn a journey that must be made anyway into a full-day experience. 

We turn this day into a day full of waterfalls, beautiful sights, and photo stops, a visit to the Hardagnefjord, and last but not least we will drop you off right in front of the Hotel.  


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