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Imagine spending your summer in Western Norway, where you'll venture around waterfalls, and explore mountain tundras and lush forests, each with its unique story. As a tour guide, you'll share these remarkable places and stories with people from around the world. 

Guiding is more than just leading; it's about creating memorable experiences. Which is easier said than done.  We will support you with on-site learning and offer the opportunities to prepare in advance. However, the basis needs to be right.

You'll need to be able to connect with diverse groups, speak confidently into a microphone while facing away from your audience, and transform complex information into captivating stories. Oh, and get ready for early starts on some days!


But here's the best part: within these guidelines, you have the freedom to be yourself. Your storytelling can be as unique as you are. You'll work across different destinations. Your compensation is competitive, with potential bonuses. You'll also receive a base salary to cover your essentials. Plus, even if you're a short-term guide (just three months), we'll enroll you in a pension plan, and you know what, at the end of the season, you can count on a valuable letter of reference.

Still excited? Then keep on reading!


Velkommen Norway is a small, passionate company known for its expertise, kindness, and the creation of wonderful experiences. Our founder, Bas, is actively involved because he believes in staying connected to the core of our company - crafting unforgettable guided tours.

Bas's journey has taken him across various countries on three continents. While looking for a place to call home, he began reflecting on what truly mattered to him. This reflection led him to make the life-changing decision to move to Norway.

In his career, Bas has embraced a multitude of roles, almost like a jack of all trades. Yet, his heart often gravitated towards tourist-related positions. He's been a gracious host and guide, authored a guidebook for a renowned Dutch publisher, and worked in several positions at a beach resort.

The turning point was his realization that what he enjoyed most in jobs was meeting and talking with people. This insight fueled his passion for guiding, ultimately resulting in the creation of Velkommen Norway.

At Velkommen Norway, we understand that everyone comes from somewhere, and their experiences are unique. We believe that probably the most important trait for a good guide is the right personality.

If you think you've got what it takes, please continue and start the easy application process.


  • Comfortable Communicator: You can capture a group's attention while engaging individuals based on their interests. Speaking confidently via a microphone with your audience out of sight, you turn complex information into unforgettable stories.

  • Nimble Learning: You adapt quickly to new situations, tackle unfamiliar problems with creative solutions, and use these experiences for continuous learning and growth.

  • Interpersonal Savvy: You relate openly and comfortably to diverse groups of people.

  • Cultivating Trust: Through your actions and behavior, you build trust with honesty, integrity, and authenticity, holding yourself accountable and punctual.

  • Fluent in Oral and Written English.


  • Previous Experience Living in Norway

  • Previous Guiding Experience

  • Proficiency in German

  • Proficiency in other Languages such as Dutch, Spanish, Italian

  • Expertise or Passion for a specific topic


  • Opportunity to explore various destinations

  • Competitive compensation

  • Bonuses

  • Base salary to cover your essential needs

  • Pension Enrollment, including for short-term guides (3 months).

  • Guidance on Locating Accommodation Options

  • Free training

  • A Valuable Letter of Reference at the End of the Season

  • (Partial) flight ticket reimbursement 


Easy application in 3 steps!

Step 1: Fill out the application, so we got the basics right. 

Step 2: You've successfully reached the one-way video interview stage!

We will send you a link where you can answer a few questions by recording a video. You can use a laptop or upload a video using your phone. 
You will have the opportunity to show your best self with unlimited retakes and time to prepare! 

Step 3:  We'll meet online and have a friendly conversation, during which we'll see if you're a good fit to work as a guide with us.


  • German Speaking Tour guide 


  • English Speaking Tour guide  

  • Dutch Speaking Tour guide

  • Spanish Speaking Tour guide 

  • Italian Speaking Tour guide

  • German tour guide - full time


  • English Speaking Tour guide 

  • Dutch Speaking Tour guide

  • Spanish Speaking Tour guide 

  • Italian Speaking Tour guide

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