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About the Founder

The journey of our founder Bas starts with an unexpected turn. After earning his bachelor's degree he didn't follow the regular path of getting a job, instead, he started organizing guided cycling tours in his hometown. It proved to be a great outlet for him to share his passion for history and storytelling.

Two years after his bike tours, life pushed Bas to Hungary, a country that had become like a second home during a six-month exchange program while studying. Initially, he started working on a corporate career, but he soon realized that his true passion lay in working with travelers.

He quickly became the welcoming host of a small, charming apartment in the heart of the city.

His love for guiding manifested itself in offering tailored tours to his guests' personal interests and creating custom experiences. The enthusiasm he shared with his guests, introducing them to the city's hidden gems such as shops with local crafts, memorable restaurants and photo locations was well appreciated and it showed early his commitment of creating memorable experiences for travellers. 

Looking back on those days, Bas says:

"I didn't anticipate this, but it turned out to be an invaluable experience. Now, I can apply this knowledge to today's guests who seek tailored private tours."

Additionally, he was hired by a renowned Dutch travel book, enabling him to share the city's insights on paper and design multiple walking routes. 

In the years that followed, Bas's journey became a quest for a place to call home, marked by living on multiple continents and exploring different countries. He recalls this being an intense period with feelings of joy and being lost. 

But as time passed, his journey eventually brought him to Norway, where it wasn't just the captivating landscape with its green forests, fjords, and mountains. It was the feeling of being home.


And so, a new chapter began as a tour guide in Norway. After being hired for this role, Bas identified opportunities for improvement and enhancement, ultimately deciding to transform his ideas into action by founding Velkommen Norway, where he dedicated himself to delivering truly memorable experiences.

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